Industrial Thermoplastic Solutions for Corrosion-Free Flow Measurement, Liquid Level Monitoring, and Pressure Sensing

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Keeping track of industrial processes is essential for any company that needs to maintain a high level of efficiency and productivity. In order to achieve this, businesses rely on flow meters, liquid level sensors, and pressure gauges to provide accurate real-time measurements. However, over time, these instruments can become subject to corrosion that can lead to inaccurate readings, equipment failure, and costly repairs.
Corrosion-Free Flow Meters | Liquid Level Sensors | Pressure Gauges

That is why opting for corrosion-free flow meters, liquid level sensors, and pressure gauges is essential for businesses that deal with harsh industrial environments. Corrosion is the result of the chemical reaction between metal and a variety of factors such as humidity, water, chemical exposure, and more. In order to combat corrosion, manufacturers have developed designs that are composed of non-metallic materials that are chemically resistant.

At (need remove brand name), we manufacture and distribute the industry's most extensive line of industrial thermoplastic flow meters, liquid level sensors, and pressure gauges. These products are designed to provide a reliable solution for monitoring industrial processes without succumbing to the harmful effects of corrosion.

Liquid level pressure gauges, for instance, are essential for maintaining appropriate levels in tanks and other storage facilities. When the liquid level drops or rises beyond predetermined levels, it triggers an alert that allows personnel to take appropriate corrective measures, such as replenishing or stopping the flow. However, when a liquid level pressure gauge is subjected to harsh industrial environments, the risk of inaccurate readings increases.

Our liquid level pressure gauges are designed with corrosion-resistant thermoplastics, ensuring that they maintain their accuracy over time, even in harsh industrial environments. These pressure gauges are also designed to measure liquid levels on a wide range of tanks, vessels, and pipes of varying sizes.

Similarly, flow meters are critical in tracking fluid flow rates, particularly in large-scale operations. When corrosion affects flow meters, the accuracy of measurements can become compromised, resulting in errors, equipment failure, and even safety hazards.

Our flow meters are crafted from thermoplastics that are immune to corrosive substances and environments, ensuring their longevity and continued accuracy. These flow meters are available in an extensive range of designs and models, including inline flow meters, insertion flow meters, and spool-type flow meters.

Lastly, liquid level sensors are devices that work in tandem with electronic circuits to detect fluid levels accurately. In industrial applications, these sensors are used to monitor fluid levels in tanks, containers, and other storage vessels. In harsh environments, liquid level sensors can also be subject to corrosion, which can lead to inadequate readings or sensor failure altogether.

Our liquid level sensors are manufactured from chemical-resistant thermoplastics, making them immune to corrosion even in harsh industrial settings. We offer both contact and non-contact type sensors that can be incorporated into automated systems to improve process control and reduce the risk of errors.

In conclusion, investing in corrosion-free flow meters, liquid level sensors, and pressure gauges is crucial for businesses that need reliable and long-lasting instruments for monitoring their industrial processes. Our range of thermoplastic products is designed to provide an economical solution that can withstand even the harshest industrial environments. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your business!